“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by Ariel Ehrmantrout

Portion Va’Etchanan – He Pleaded

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

Haftarah Isaiah 40:1-26

Priesthood Instructions: 1 Peter

“The Greatest Lie Ever Told”

In this week’s portion we find Moses, the prophet of God, still instructing our forefathers as they are on the edge of crossing over into the land.  In this portion we find Moses pleading with the Lord to let him enter the land of promise.  Moses was told by the Lord that he would not set foot in the land, because, as you remember, he did not wholeheartedly obey God when he hit the rock in anger twice, releasing the water the Israelites had been grumbling for.  God had told Moses to “speak to the rock,” and as you remember, Moses did not speak to the rock, but he hit the rock twice.  And this deviation from God’s plan caused Moses himself to not be allowed to enter in, or cross over into the Promised Land.

That rock rolled beside our forefathers everywhere they went and that Rock was Messiah.  Moses was to speak to Messiah, in that Moses would have spoken to the rock that makes men stumble, yet another prophetic sign of Yeshua in the Torah, but Moses failed to obey.   And instead he hit the rock resulting in the rock being broken to fulfill the needs of the people.  Water in this story represents repentance, the repentance that the people needed, and the speaking to or pointing to the rock is a picture of the Torah which points us to Messiah.  However, Moses’ failure to follow the instructions, or Torah of God, resulted in the need for the rock to be broken so that the people could receive repentance and the refreshing, life giving water that Messiah spoke of when he said “Whoever drinks from this water will thirst no more!”

So with this in mind we find Moses is still instructing our forefathers as to what God’s righteous requirements were for their lives.  In this portion we find the re-telling of the Torah, and this is of specific prophetic significance here.  Moses carried the Torah down Mount Sinai the first time, only to find the people worshipping in idolatry with the golden calf.   And then he broke the Torah tablets, which was a picture of Messiah’s first trip to earth when he came to be broken as the unifying sacrifice for the atonement of all mankind.  This second telling of Torah in this portion is a prophetic sign that in these last days the Torah would once again go forth into all the world through the unified house of Israel, both Ephraim and Judah, those who were Christians and those who are Jews together as one!  And even as this re-telling of the Torah is a sign to our forefathers of their being gathered and crossing over into the Promised Land, the Torah being given back to Ephraim and Judah in these last days is a clear sign of the impending return of our Lord and Savior who is the Torah made flesh and our movement ever closer to the establishment of His kingdom from Jerusalem where He will reign with all of us by his side!

In this portion we learn that God had mercy on Moses and took him up the mountain and allowed Him to see the Promised Land.   That is God’s grace even in the midst of judgment for sin just like Genesis 6:8; so we see clearly “grace” as the foundation of salvation is not a “New” covenant subject but an older reoccurring theme.  But in this incredible revelation are several stern commands and specific instructions for us to obey that are paramount for us to know as we move out into all the world with the message of restoration of the unified house of Israel and the Torah of God to the utter ends of the earth.

Deuteronomy 4:1-6

1Hear now, O Israel, the decrees and laws I am about to teach you. Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land that the LORD, the God of your fathers, is giving you. 2Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you.

3 You saw with your own eyes what the LORD did at Baal Peor. The LORD your God destroyed from among you everyone who followed the Baal of Peor, 4but all of you who held fast to the LORD your God are still alive today. 5See, I have taught you decrees and laws as the LORD my God commanded me, so that you may follow them in the land you are entering to take possession of it. 6Observe them carefully, for this will show your wisdom and understanding to the nations, who will hear about all these decrees and say, “Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people.”

Today I want to talk with you about the greatest lie ever told.  I want to share with you a lie that is so diabolical as to have split generations, separated peoples, driven nations apart, and caused wars in the name of God that were an abomination to the Lord.  Today I want to talk with you about the lie of “idolatry.”  Idolatry is something that we do not give much credence to today but it is around us every day of our lives.  It is the dirtiest of HaSatan’ s little lies and it has invaded God’s Church and the people of God have been seduced by it and we have lost our power to change the world.

A Teacher I knew once said the greatest lie the devil ever got away with was in convincing people that he does not exist.  I find that I agree with this to a point but there is another lie that has invaded the hearts of man everywhere that has caused separation and division and caused the splitting of homes, and abortion and gay marriage to become our current standards for the most progressive nation on the planet.  This however is a natural outpouring of this lie and it is not surprising that as these days of evil increase people are calling on God once again as never before from every nation, language, race and tongue, crying out for deliverance, the very deliverance that has been with us for all time, yet has been shielded by this lie.

The lie I am talking about is that we are a divided Kingdom, you and I, Jews and those from the nations; that we are parts of differing movements or “dispensations” of God.  This idolatrous tale has been introduced to God’s Kehilat and has been passed down from every generation since the time of Marcion and it has been passed from father to son, from mother to daughter in a diabolical plot that rivals all plots that the enemy has unleashed against God’s Kingdom on earth.

You see beloved, God is not schizophrenic and He does not change his mind.  He is not a God of favorites based on your ethnic heritage or stratified by race or income bracket.  God is a God of order and He is a mighty King who demands obedience from His servants.  He is also a loving Father who would not leave His children to flounder in the wilderness.  Even our ancestors were not left floundering in the wilderness of their disobedience, no; they were guided by day and by night, shepherded in a 40-year journey that should have taken only 11 days.  God has not left us stranded, but we have been blinded because we accepted the idolatrous lie of the enemy that has kept us separate and powerless for far too many years.  We are not stranded in the lie because the same God who gave us his word is bringing us back to it in these last days as never before, except is it not just Judah who He has returning to the Torah even though Judah has been a faithful protector of the Torah.  No my friends, he is reunifying the ENTIRE house of Israel.  The 10 Northern tribes of Israel that were scattered to the wind under the punishment of Jeroboam are being unified again to the seat of David under the watchful eye of Him who sits upon the throne of David for all time; and that is Yeshua the Messiah.

You see the devil’s greatest plan is to keep Jews and those streaming from mainstream Christianity separated, and there is a specific reason for this. Proverbs 9 and verse 10 reads, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One-results in understanding.”

“… Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.”   Well, as many of you have heard me say so many times before, we learn the fear of the Lord through the Torah.  Knowledge of the Holy One means that we know who the Holy One of Israel is and that is Yeshua the Holy One of Israel–YHWH.  But you will see an interesting pattern here that God has left for those who have the ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to its congregation in these last days.  You see, Judah, or the ancestral tribes of Judah, who we commonly refer to as Jews today have kept the Torah safe and protected since the time of the destruction of the second Temple on the 9th of Av. The Jews have been faithful to keep the Torah and copy it and protect it through events as amazingly horrific as the Holocaust.  We have had the wisdom of the Torah in an academic sense with the wisdom of our fathers, the Pirkei Avot, passed down from generation to generation.

Those awakening from Christianity on the other hand have also been the keepers of  faith–in maintaining the testimony of Yeshua.  They have been faithful to keep the knowledge of the Holy One and spread the name of Yeshua to the uttermost parts of the earth.  This is wonderful but there is one problem; Contemporary Christianity has moved out without the Torah and in fact many have taught that the Torah was done away with [God forbid], and that it did not apply to them today, only grace applied.  Yes it is true that you are sanctified or saved only through grace but this action is not the totality of your walk.  So we have seen Christianity go from everything from “the spitting anointing,” to “snake handling,” to every form of demonic idolatry.

In Judaism on the other hand we had the Torah but we did not live as though we had the knowledge of the Holy One so it was impossible to combine faith–steadfast obedience to God’s teaching and instructions found in the Torah, to bring forth the salvation that God requires we walk in through our own works.  You see we have the wisdom of the Torah, but not the Spirit of Torah; and Christianity had the knowledge of the Holy One but they had no spirit of wisdom.  So the riff has existed between Jews and Christians since the time of the Diaspora or dispersion of Israel to all the ends of the world.

But Beloved, in these last days, God is reuniting the house of Israel that is Ephraim, or those coming from Roman Christianity with their Hebraic brothers and sisters of the house of Judah.  God is reuniting the Torah and the knowledge of the Holy One, Yeshua the Messiah, the living testimony of God.  The reunion of these lost brothers will result in salvation to the whole world and trigger the last days revival that will spread to the uttermost parts of the world!  When we begin to combine the Torah and the testimony of Yeshua, Christians and Jews together as one under the mighty hand of God–we will see miracles like we have never seen before.  We do not seek signs because only a wicked and faithless generation does that; however we see Israel reunified under Messiah in fulfillment of the prophecies of Ezekiel and Malachi and Isaiah.

So what that means is we combine the wisdom of the Torah and the knowledge of the Holy One, Yeshua –who is God–then moves us into the supernatural realm of understanding His Word.  Understanding Yeshua is the living Torah–is the Promised Land my friends!  Walking by understanding and the Torah and the Spirit of God will bring forth supernatural miracles that we can only imagine; but there is a price to pay.  We must forsake our fleshly pagan idolatry.  We must move away from what the standards of this world are and move back to God’s standards for righteous living.  God’s proof of blessing in your life is NOT the number of SUV’s in your driveway and your kids going to Yale!  These are creature comforts and this is the American idolatry.  No beloved, the proof of God’s blessing in your life is whether or not you are crucifying your flesh, dying to your selfish desires and being alive in the Spirit to Messiah;  and you only get there by doing God’s Torah!  To try any other way is to make for yourself an idol that will result in your certain destruction.

In this portion Moses pronounces the Shema, the unifying commandment of our faith, the profession of faith that truly links Ephraim and Judah together.  Shema is a Hebrew word that means “hear and obey.”  Hear and obey what?  Hear and obey the Torah, ladies and gentlemen!  Yeshua IS the TORAH.  John 1 says “In the beginning was the Word!” What word?  The Torah, which is Yeshua!  So many of us are really good at hearing; you see hearing is what we do.  Faith comes by hearing but obedience comes from the Torah.  Rabbi Saul, the Apostle Paul NEVER would have dreamed of telling you to forsake the Torah for that would mean he would be telling you to forsake MESSIAH!  Paul would be calling most of  passes for the believers today–a wicked and idolatrous generation–because all we look for today are the signs of personal prosperity and the wonders of programs that entertain our whole family.  Because we have turned our back on the scriptures we fall for every false prophet that comes along.  All we would have to do to avoid this is have wisdom, knowledge and understanding about what Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Scriptures Paul was talking about in his writings?  He HAD to be talking about the Old Testament, the Torah!  We know this because no other Scripture existed in his day.  However, we have cast it aside as a measuring rod for our lives we have fallen into every kind of spiritual idolatry and we have no sound doctrine, no sound reproof happening, no real correction for sinful behavior in the congregation by its members, and no real instruction in righteousness.  We have plenty of “get rich quick” ministries and many more, “Sunday social clubs for the spiritually impaired.”   And we have plenty of “feel good congregations that are mirror images of a Tony Robbins Positive Confession Seminar!  But where are God’s people who will rend their clothes on the street corner because there is sin in the land and sit in sack cloth and ashes crying out to God like righteous Job?  Where are those who will fast and pray until the spirits of homosexuality and lust are broken off of God’s people?  Where are the warriors who will pray down the miracles of God even making the sun stand still if you must to decry sin in the midst of God’s people?  Why are we not crying out for our brothers in Judah who don’t live according to Torah?  Have we let anti-Semitism creep into our congregation as well as racism?  God have MERCY on us for having “Black Congregations” and “Jewish Congregations; and Vietnamese Congregations!”  God made us ONE as the scripture says in Ephesians chapter 2 and the Spirit is looking for those who will prophesy to the dried bones.  Are you the next Ezekiel?  When will we stop listening to the voice of Jezebel, the voice of idolatry, and stand for the truth against the tide!  If all your friends are going to run off to hell are you going to follow them or will you have the courage to lay your idols down and pick up your burden and follow the Master.  Believers for so long have not been able to understand why Jews have revolted against the cross because a non-saved Jew sees the cross and thinks about how Hitler hung crosses over the oven doors at the concentration camps as an idol.

You see Beloved, we in Judah haven’t been able to hear our Christian brothers about Jesus being Messiah.  We couldn’t hear because of that great lie.  The enemy conditioned us whenever we heard of an execution stake to reel away from it as an idolatrous thing because besides Hitler, Martin Luther used to force conversions on your Jewish brothers and sisters and if they would not convert they would be burned alive on a wooden cross.  So when s Christian comes with crosses around their necks your Jewish brothers run the other way; and the enemy knows this and has effectively kept us apart for centuries!

But in these last days God is calling His Body back to His Torah, His righteous instructions on how to live a successful life here on planet earth!  The Torah is abundant life, even as Yeshua taught, and we as Jews have been programmed to know that when Messiah comes HE will come through the Torah God’s teachings and instructions in righteousness.  So now when I see former Christians, who are Ephraim, turning back to the Torah I know that the Messiah is there and the revival begins!  Beloved, God’s standards are the same yesterday, today and forever.   The same God who married all of your ancestors at Sinai rekindled that relationship on the day of Shavuot or Pentecost, and that same God of righteousness is calling people back to Torah in these last days!  Christians and Jews together as one powerful weapon in the hands of God through the wisdom of Torah and knowledge of the Holy One of Israel who is Yeshua our Lord.

In this portion Moses cautions us to carefully follow God’s commands and not to add to nor subtract from them in any way so that we may be a light to the nations and they will know how wise we are.  So let me ask you a question.  If we surveyed everyone’s neighbors here to see if you we are faithfully living God’s righteous commands as a testimony to the world, what would they say?  Would they mention the times that they hear us fighting and cussing and swearing at our wives-, Men?  Women, would they say how they see you stuffing your flesh full of a steady diet of soap opera smut?  Kids, when they look at you can they tell the difference between you and those kids who listen to Eminem and P-Diddy?  Or do you walk down the street singing about whores and road dogs?  Men, would they testify how you are the righteousness of God in Messiah Yeshua leading your family daily in the study of the Torah and doing good deeds with your children or would they say you are off at the bar having beers with the boys?  Would they see you looking at pornography on the internet late at night as your computer is clearly visible from your neighbor’s house?

You see congregation, we have strayed away from God’s righteous commandments.  Our congregations have become intensive care stations for the lame and the sick and the broken that NEVER get healed and leave!  But God is coming in revival and he wants you to cross-over like our ancestors and take every place your foot belongs for the glory of the Torah and the Testimony, that of our king Yeshua Ha’Moshiach, King of THE JEWS!  These dividing walls are being torn down and we are starting to live again, not under religious bondage and the dead religion, but doing the things Yeshua did–starting with living a completely Jewish lifestyle!  Jews can once again look at Ephraim and recognize them because they are keeping the Torah.  When we look at you and see you living by the Torah then we can receive the witness of Yeshua who was crucified on it because you are keeping the Torah by faith!

Beloved, we have ALL sinned and fallen well short of the glory of God.  But God is looking for a few good men to lead.  Gideon had just 300 and he defeated an entire army.  Men, if we stand up with God on our side, if He is for us then who can stand against us?  I am looking for some MEN of faith from Ephraim and Judah to attack the gates of hell with a Holy Ghost squirt gun by my side.  Are you up for the battle, Men?   Are you with me?  Revival is coming to ALL the earth and it will start with you and with me.  Do we have the courage to leave our filthy idols, the ones in our life that keep us from living in the covenant blessings that followed all of God’s anointed men throughout the ages.  Will you teach your children the Torah every day?  Start with a verse then do a chapter of proverbs and then a chapter of the New Testament.   Then teach them to pray by praying with them.  I promise if you will do this God will transform your family into what you have always dreamed a family could be.  Your wife will submit to you and follow you, Men, because they will finally be able to RESPECT you.  Where a righteous man goes–a virtuous woman follows.  YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT.  Don’t let soccer games rob you of growing into new levels of anointing because they will all burn up on the Day of Judgment.  Men, my God is looking for a few good men.  Are there any out there today who are willing to die to their flesh while in His service?

Shema Israel, hear and obey your God; Yeshua is the same yesterday today and forever.  If you love Yeshua, prove it by keep His commandments.  Do what He did–to include living out a Jewish life.   As it says in Torah, “remember and do all my commandments and be holy to your God.  I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Mitzraim (the places of confinement) to be your God, I am the Lord your God it is true.” Today if you hear God’s voice, don’t harden your heart as your fathers did in the desert.  Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!

Shabbat Shalom!

©2010 Ariel Ehrmantrout All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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