“Don’t Turn Back” by Ariel E………….

This Weeks Torah Portion: Ki Tisa – “When You Elevate”

Exodus 30:11-34:35

This Weeks Haftarah is Ezekiel 36:16-38

Priesthood Readings Romans 13-16

Todays Reading : Exodus 33:7-23

4When the people heard these evil tidings, they mourned and no man put on his ornaments.   5For the Lord had said to Moses, Say to the Israelites, You are a stiff-necked people! If I should come among you for one moment, I would consume and destroy you. Now therefore [penitently] leave off your ornaments, that I may know what to do with you.  6And the Israelites left off all their ornaments, from Mount Horeb onward. 7Now Moses used to take [his own] tent and pitch it outside the camp, far off from the camp, and he called it the tent of meeting [of God with His own people]. And everyone who sought the Lord went out to [that temporary] tent of meeting which was outside the camp.  8When Moses went out to the tent of meeting, all the people rose and stood, every man at his tent door, and looked after Moses until he had gone into the tent.9When Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the door of the tent, and the Lord would talk with Moses. 10And all the people saw the pillar of cloud stand at the tent door, and all the people rose up and worshiped, every man at his tent door.   11And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. Moses returned to the camp, but his minister Joshua son of Nun, a young man, did not depart from the [temporary prayer] tent.  12Moses said to the Lord, See, You say to me, Bring up this people, but You have not let me know whom You will send with me. Yet You said, I know you by name and you have also found favor in My sight.  13Now therefore, I pray You, if I have found favor in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You [progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, perceiving and recognizing and understanding more strongly and clearly] and that I may find favor in Your sight. And [Lord, do] consider that this nation is Your people.   14And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.  15And Moses said to the Lord, If Your Presence does not go with me, do not carry us up from here!    16For by what shall it be known that I and Your people have found favor in Your sight? Is it not in Your going with us so that we are distinguished, I and Your people, from all the other people upon the face of the earth?  17And the Lord said to Moses, I will do this thing also that you have asked, for you have found favor, loving-kindness, and mercy in My sight and I know you personally and by name.  18And Moses said, I beseech You, show me Your glory.   19And God said, I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim My name, THE LORD, before you; for I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy and loving-kindness on whom I will show mercy and loving-kindness.  20But, He said, You cannot see My face, for no man shall see Me and live.  21And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place beside Me, and you shall stand upon the rock,  22And while My glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock and cover you with My hand until I have passed by.  23Then I will take away My hand and you shall see My back; but My face shall not be seen.”

1.  Moses Pitched His Tent outside the Camp

A. This is a picture of BELIEVERS in this last day waking up from its deception and Torahlessness.

1-Replacement theology—greed in prosperity messages that work only for the enrichment of the Pastor—a place where healing never occurs: Binding that never really works—as the enemy is back the next day? This is all symptomatic of the Last Days Congregation that lost its 1st love: TORAH!  If you love God—then you will do what he commands; Yeshua said “IF YOU LOVE ME—KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS!”  The Torah was the only Bible that Yeshua the early congregation had. Doing what is says WAS, IS NOW and ALWAYS WILL BE THE SIGN OF LOVE FOR THE AUTHOR.

B. Like Abraham was called to leave His Father’s House—because of Idol Worship—we too are called to leave behind the way of Powerless—Idolatrous CATHOLICISED Christianity—to become HEBREW: Meaning “To Cross over” from “The Death” of Torahlessness to the “Life” of Torah obedience. This “Crossing over moves us from Death to Life! DT 28  TURNING OUR CURSING INTO BLESSING-AND CHANGING OUR STATUS FROM GENTILE TO HEBREW!

2. The Tent of Meeting: Moses led the people to the Glory Cloud

a. Moses separated himself from the people and the Glory Cloud Tabernacled with Him Ex. 33:9-10 John 1:1-3, 14   Do You EVER get alone with God?

b. Moses would speak to God Face to Face, as a man would with His friend 33:11 Gods Friends do what He commands, like Moses did! Yeshua said you are my friends “IF” you do as I command you! John 15:14

3. The Tent of Meeting: Moses led the people to the Glory Cloud

c. Moses left the Tent, but Joshua would never leave the Tent.
1. Moses is a type of the first covenant-of the Levite Priesthood (atonement only available at YOM KIPPUR through atonement sacrifices—but with no cleansing of your Mind!) and Joshua is a type of Messiah and the Malki-Tzadekian Priesthood (Where Not only Atonement, but Pardon–as if your crimes against God NEVER HAPPENED also has become ours through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus!!)

d. Moses leaving the Shekinah Glory at the tent of Meeting, is a type of Messiah’s coming first as the suffering Servant—and Joshua’s staying is a type of Yeshua’s staying in the glory cloud to lead the people into the promised land!

4. Moses goes up the Mountain to get the Second Torah Tablets

a. The first tablets were broken to pieces when the 3000 Israelites worshipped the Golden Calf—denying the covenant promise they made in Exodus 19:7-8 A type of Messiah’s body broken for our violations of Torah.

b. Moses Crushed up the Golden Calf idol into Dust—mixed it with water and made the people drink it. Why? This was the commandment for determining an adulterous Bride Numbers 5:14-27

5. Moses goes up the Mountain to get the Second Torah Tablets

c. 3000 People were suffering from distended Bellies and Rotten Thighs! For these people there was no further offering for Sin—so the Wages of Sin became instant death to those who wished to return to the gods of Egypt that YHWH had defeated and forbid Israel to return to.

d. Hebrews 10:26 says, “26For if we go on deliberately and willingly sinning after once acquiring the knowledge of the Truth, (TORAH) there is no longer any sacrifice left to atone for [our] sins [no further offering to which to look forward].” SO DEATH IS REQUIRED if you go on sinning after embracing Torah! Have you purged the Evil from your life—or is DEATH MANIFESTING AT YOUR DOOR?

6. The Torah Tablets ARE Yeshua—The LIVING TABERNACLE

a. Moses Received the 10 D’varim—Which most call 10 Commandments—but were there only 10 Words on there?

b. Hebrew word for Commandment is “Mitzvah”—which is NOT used here. Here the Scripture says Moses received the 10 D’Varim—Or Ten Words written by Gods own finger!

7. The Torah Tablets ARE Yeshua—The LIVING TABERNACLE

c. Exodus Chapters 25-31 clearly indicates what was discussed while Moses was with God for 40 days. The breakdown of the instruction is as follows:

1-The Tabernacle and all its accessories; 2- The Arc of the Testimony, with all its accessories; 3- The Table of Showbread with its utensils; 4- The Menorah with its utensils; 5- The Incense Altar and its utensils 6- The Burnt Offering Altar and its utensils; 7- The Bronze Laver; 8- The Priests garments and accessories; 9: The anointing oil; 10- the Sweet Incense.

d. This Tabernacle Plan—leads us to the 613 commandments, which were on the front and back of these Red Tablets—that Moses broke into pieces—a type of Yeshua being broken for our violations of the TEMPLE OF THE RUACH HAKODESH!

8. After purging the sin of the Camp—Moses goes back up to Tabernacle with God

a. Moses requests that if God is pleased with Him—He will teach Moses His ways (His Torah) so Moses can continue in Gods Grace! Exodus 33:13 We need Torah to Continue in Grace!

b. God Says His Presence will go with the Israelites, and He will give them Shabbat (Rest from their own striving). Here God is prophesying about Yeshua—the PRESENCE of GOD, and the REST of GOD! Ex. 33:14

9. After purging the sin of the Camp—Moses goes back up to Tabernacle with God

c. Moses asks to see Gods Glory V. 18 God agrees to pass by in front of Moses—but tells Moses He cannot see His face—for He will surely die! But didn’t Moses meet God Face to Face with God like a friend? Because it was Yeshua—He meant with at the Tent of Meeting—the GLORY OF GOD! Ex 33:19-20

d. John 1:1-3, 14 says, “IN THE beginning [before all time] was the TORAH (Word), and the TORAH was with God, and the TORAH was God Himself. 2He was present originally with God. 3All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. 14And the TORAH (Messiah) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us; and we [actually] saw His glory (His honor, His majesty), such glory as an only begotten son receives from his father, full of grace (favor, loving-kindness) and Truth! GRACE AND TRUTH ARE FOREVER LINKED!

10. God Shelters Moses in the Cleft of the Rock! Ex. 21-23

a. God tells Moses there is a place near him— where He can stand on the Rock —and when the Glory passes by Moses was hidden in the cleft of the Rock. This “Rock” is from the Hebrew Word, “Tswur” (Strong’s 6696) meaning “the Rock of God.” Torah IS the Rock of God!

b. God is prophesying the Colossians 3:1-4 which says, “IF THEN you have been raised with Christ [to a new life, thus sharing His resurrection from the dead], aim at and seek the [rich, eternal treasures] that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth. For [as far as this world is concerned] you have died, and your [new, real] life is hidden with Christ in God. 4When Christ, Who is our life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in [the splendor of His] glory.

11. God Shelters Moses in the Cleft of the Rock! Ex. 21-23

c. Moses “greatest desire” was to learn Gods Word—His Teaching and Instruction—This resulted in His life being hidden within that ROCK which was Messiah—The TORAH–The Glory of God!!

d. IS YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCING THE SAFETY OF THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK OF MESSIAH—OR ARE YOU DRINKING THE BITTER WATER OF IDOLATRY. Is your life really as safe as Moses was in the cleft of the Rock of Messiah— Is the Glory of God evident in your life —-or are you drinking the bitter water of an Adulterous Bride —bowing at Idols?


Today there are many things that will attempt to pull you back into the worship of Idols.  The Hebrew walk is a lonely walk; and it has been the same since Abraham.  Abraham and Sarah left the city founded by their Abrahams Brother—the Father of Lot who had died.  Abraham and Sarah decided to follow God’s instructions and so they packed up all they had and began as sojourners in the desert.  There was fellowship where they left; friends, family and things which were familiar.  But they left it all behind for the honor of adhering to what God promised them face to face.

Moses too, left everything he had known in Egypt; his decision to defend the Israelite Slave cost him his status in Egypt.  Moses carved out a life for himself and his family as the base of the mountain.  God called him to return to the former pathways; and he spent the rest of his lifetime serving the God of Abraham in the deserts surrounding Israel.  As a result of Moses faithful obedience, we are all here today.

Both Moses and Abraham has a chance to return to the way which they had come from.  To return is a simple thing to do—for we know the way there.  It is easy to lose your way and return to acting in the flesh like we once did before the Torah.  To return to the way in which we came is idolatry—where we bow down to the pounding of our flesh which seeks to control our lives.  In hebrew this is called our “YETZER HARA: EVIL INCLINATION.”  All men and women war with their Yetzer Hara—and it is only by adherence to Torah’s teaching and instructions that we have the possibility of being free of the life of Yetzer Hara—which made Moses Flee from Egypt as a murderer—and Abraham attempt to sell his beloved Sarah for fear of being killed as a result of her beauty.

The power of the cross—that execution stake—is that it changes our inclination from Evil to Holiness; from darkness to light; from death to life.  The Torah’s power is in its power to release us from sin and death that we experience as part of the Gentile Nations—and enter into the life of purpose which Torah introduces as we are changed into Hebrews.  We are not any longer part of the realm of death, but we have passed on to the realm of life found in being a member of  Israel and its King Messiah Yeshua.  To return is to take up the golden calf again—the WAY FOREIGN TO HEBREWS.  If we persist long enough in taking up the way of the pagans—the Catholic Christians or other religions—we will eventually die in the wilderness of wandering sickness.

Let us be careful to not return to the golden calves of our life; and let us take up the lifestyle of Yeshua our Savior—which was and is the Torah: Gods teaching and instructions for a successful life in this world.

© 2011 Ariel Ehrmantrout –All rights reserved worldwide


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